Friday, August 28, 2009


watercolour + colored pencils on paper, ~6x8"

The process:

Unfortunately, i haven't been drawing at all recently, as i'm in the middle of moving and preparing to start my Masters! So this painting is actually from a few weeks ago. i have a lot of drawings and paintings planned in my head, but there is never enough time i spend too much time playing video games and watching Korean dramas...

On a more positive note, my Deviruchi tee came in the mail! More on that next time. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Say no to shark fin soup!

say no to shark fin soup!
SAI 1.01 + Photoshop CS2
b/g textures from

Shark fin soup is a very popular dish in Chinese cuisine, but the fins are attained in a very inhumane way - conscious sharks are tossed back into the water once their fins are removed, and are basically left to die. Shark finning also plays a leading role in decimating shark populations and disrupting ecosystems. Please check out the SHARKWATER website for more information on the consequences of shark finning (as i can't seem to write properly today...) and what you can do to help stop such cruelty.

i was going for a paper cut-out sort of look with this one. i was inspired by Dric's incredible artwork that i first saw in volume 2 of Apple. This image will be used in the future sooo will probably post the finalized version then. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

hot pink!

SAI 1.01

SAI 1.01

i just drew these without thinking, letting whatever it is come out without getting too caught up with the details. i feel like these two images are along a similar thread as those from my white noise post. Weird floaty heads and nude bodies are fun to draw!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the metaphorical body

This past week has been a productive one! i was at the Toronto School of Art for a week-long intensive life drawing class with Megan Williams. i initially enrolled in the course for the purpose of improving my technical skills, but the curriculum was more about exploring what the human body means to us and how we want to express it in our art. It was great, though. i'm really happy with how the course went down.

One of my overall goals was to loosen up and not think too much while drawing. i really feel like this summer is my last chance to explore these sorts of things, as i'm going to have to seriously tighten up for Biomedical Communications this fall. But anyway, i just wanted to write down what i did this week - mostly for my own benefit.

Days 1+2 (Mark + ? i forgot her name ><;;; ) We started off the week exploring fast (e.g. using 1 or 2 line gestures) and slow methods (e.g. blind contour of self) for depicting the body. Afterwards, we looked at ways of capturing motion in order to portray the passage of time and movement through space. i found these movement exercises quite challenging and frustrating... i decided not to pursue this any further for the rest of the week... lol!

15-20 min each + 45 min for bottom right corner
conté + charcoal on newsprint paper, 18x24"

In the afternoon, we took a look at William Kentridge's incredible animations. i found his creative process to be quite fascinating - he doesn't start with a storyboard. Instead, he goes with an impulse and feels that the physical act of working at a drawing releases new ideas. We also looked at Bruce Samuelson's incredible drawings.

Day 3 (Fiona)
We looked at Heather Graham's latest work today, which served as an introduction to the notion of subjects that are just barely there. i've always had difficulty with making things too literal (comes from doing too many anime-styled illustrations, i suppose!), so here i'd end up drawing everything first and erasing most of it after...

i tried dissolving the body into darkness and pulling it out of white fog...

40 min-ish? (excuse the wrinkles)
charcoal on newsprint paper, 18x24"

Oh, and here is one of those painfully slow blind contour exercises! :\

30 min
conté pencil on newsprint paper, 18x24"

Day 4 (Murray)
i continued to work with ghosting on a white background, but changed the materials from dry to wet media. We looked at Arikha's beautiful ink and brush drawings today as inspiration. i had a lot of difficulty with controlling the whole dry brush + ink combo... i did like the idea of addition and subtraction, though.

10 min (?)
brush and ink on cartridge paper, 18x24"

45 min
brush and ink on kraft paper, ~18x24"

Day 5 (Sandi)
i felt that the last day was the most productive of them all. i focused mostly on ghosting and making sure my drawings weren't too literal. i think i had Sophie Jodoin and Alex Kanevsky's works in mind today. i'm pretty happy with how things turned out in a single week; it was a great experience!

i think my first attempt was my best one...

Not sure why, but i struggled a lot with this one...

i tried to add more energy in my last drawing of the week! o:

~30 min
charcoal on newsprint paper, 18x24"

Hopefully i'll have time to attend some open life drawing sessions before the rustiness kicks in again!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


conté + charcoal in cartridge paper, 18x24"

This drawing was somewhat based on the sketch from my previous post. i haven't touched traditional media in a while, so this was a nice change of pace (except for inhaling all that charcoal dust and fixative spray. And i didn't know that fixative spray would make my paper all curly...). i was originally going to do this sort of thing using graphite powder on watercolour paper. It probably would've had a better, more refined quality to it. However, i didn't want to buy a massive jar of graphite powder and was too lazy to make it myself... >.>;;;