Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy hallowe'en!

Seeing as i've never carved a pumpkin before, i decided to give this Hallowe'en tradition a shot this year. Feeling ambitious, i doodled out some designs. One of the RAs, with his highly impressive carving skills and willingness to carve essentially whatever i drew, brought my vision to life!

(So technically i still have never carved a pumpkin, though i did contribute to the pumpkin gutting... Whatever - after anatomy, pumpkin gutting by hand is not disgusting at all, lol!)

Here's the final product:

Some progress shots:

There are actually two sides to our pumpkin, but i failed to get a photo of the other side with a candle inside. :( The devil kitty would've looked better without the gaping holes in the back from the other side, but we only had access to one pumpkin. xD;;;

'Twas a fun night of non-studying...!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

carbon dust!

So i finally officially completed my first drawing assignment of the year (with the rest seriously piling up...)! Here is the final rendered illustration, originally a sketch and CG - please excuse the small size and watermark, as this stuff is for my future career (unlike my other random art xD):

dissection of lung hilus
carbon dust + labelling in Adobe Illustrator CS4

This illustration was done in carbon dust, a medium that is apparently not really used outside of medical illustration (i couldn't find any good online image galleries of Max Brodel or Dorothy Chubb's works D: ). i found it to be pretty similar to graphite powder, so i'm tempted to use it for my personal illustrations now that i have the materials... we shall see!

i don't really like how the scan turned out, so here's a WIP photo:

And for those who are curious, here are some of the tools involved in a carbon dust drawing:

(Can you tell i was procrastinating?! i swear i was practicing my layout/design skills for school! However, i did this in Photoshop CS2 instead of Indesign, which is like a major faux-pas in design?! lol)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

strummin' a tune

Here's another birthday card! This one's for my dad. :)
i tried to emulate my mom's birthday card so that they'll match when i print them out, but this one's a bit messier as i was shorter on time lol!

strummin' a tune
Photoshop CS2

The next post should be full of medical illustration goodness... That is, if i ever get my assignments done properly...

Monday, October 5, 2009

freddie the turtle

So i've been sidetracking a little bit during my studies (and am currently paying for it)... Here's the birthday card i drew for my ex-canmate (i.e. we were joined by a washroom!). She's from Mauritius, and she had a pet turtle named Freddie (who was very speedy) there. It just occured to me that perhaps Freddie wasn't one of them massive tortoises from Mauritius i keep envisioning... lol!

And i used to draw nekkid chibis of myself (i swear i'm not a narcissist) all over her stuff, and i'm pretty sure she got pissed at me for it at one point... But hey, i'm sure she misses them by now. Maybe...

the adventures of freddie the turtle
Photoshop CS2