Tuesday, June 29, 2010

fish scarf

After the blinding neon-coloured drawing of poor aisu, i decided to make things right... She is really a more subdued person who prefers not to stand out too much.

fish scarf
paintTool SAI 1.01

i decided to use the Brush tool in SAI today - it was a bit hard to control but i like the blobby, blendy effect (density: 70; color blending: 35; opacity mix: 30; persistence: 60). It's nice working in SAI again, been using Photoshop waaay too much for my biomedical illustrations!

i tried my best not to colour-barf, but i think i went a bit too desaturated/not enough contrast on this. My retinas were probably still reeling from that last neon pink image lol! i also couldn't get that scarf right; it doesn't have the right volume and looks starched (probably should've looked at a reference :'D). Ah well, much to improve on, as always!

Monday, June 28, 2010


i decided it was time for another non-medical doodle! i ended up bastardizing my own character, aisu, and making her into something she's really not. 8D;;; i feel really bad, so i'll try to make it up to her with another drawing...

paintTool SAI 1.01

Friday, June 25, 2010

pseudo-update... 8D

Hello all! Here is my sad excuse the reason for my lack of updates recently:

i've been working on a number of different things, but i'm at the point where nothing has really come together yet. i'll be off to Jamaica soon though, and will be bringing art supplies with me!
And you know it's time for more catgirls in vinyl personal drawings when you start seeing talking faces in incised aortas...

Sunday, June 13, 2010


So this is totally what i'm not supposed to be doing. B-but... it was a quick doodle (~2 hr)! Her anatomy is wonky but i started feeling guilty (and my friend kept yelling at me to get to work)...

cat in vinyl...
adobe photoshop CS4 + aintTool SAI 1.01

My friend's reaction upon seeing this: shiny vinyl huh? >_> you have been inside too long

Yes, yes i have been. i am currently in the process of reworking my surgical and immunology pieces for the Association of Medical Illustrators meeting in July. It's been tough bringing myself to reopen those files i worked to death on during the school year, especially now that it's finally summer. But i've got to do what needs to be done!