Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ice ice, baby

Here is a work in progress for my mock journal cover! i swear our 3D professor is magical! He clicks a couple things in like 2 seconds, and suddenly your render becomes beautiful! (And special thanks to Jurie, Bea, and Diego for helping with my retarded titles! 8D)

mock SciAm cover
Cinema4D + layout in Photoshop CS4 (i should've done it in AI, i know...)

i'm mostly done, but there is some funky geometry in the fish model i still haven't been able to tweak out. The scale texture (bump map) got a bit strange after adding subsurface scattering and i need to repaint some parts of the fish texture map. And i added the nastiest, last-minute "glow" to my molecules in Photoshop, so need to fix that as well... i need to play around with the lighting some more as well...Also, i think i will try to get a more dynamic feel with some actions lines...not sure yet!

Wow, now that i typed out everything i still have to do, i actually have a lot to fix...

surgical sequential illustration

It's the end of the month, so it's time for another (small) image dump! School has been keeping me excessively busy and sleep-deprived, but i really should try to update as i go...

Anyway, here is the final surgical sequence i have been working on. It's been through maaaaany revisions, but there will be more changes, i'm sure (aka getting feedback from professor tomorrow morning...). The surgical illustration course has been a painful one thus far because of the importance of tiny details (e.g. sutures with thickness = bane of my existence). But at the same time, i feel like it somewhat suits my obsessive nature lol!

Aortic valve replacement
graphite on paper, each 11x14" + labels in Adobe Illustrator CS4

i am currently working on a layout that combines a couple of these steps, and i'll be producing a full greyscale tonal render of this soon (translation: it's due next week...)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

neuro illustration

Here is the final coloured sketch for the textbook illustration component of my neuroanatomy course - now to vector this in Illustrator and do a final render in Photoshop...!

sympathetic control of blood flow in capillary beds
graphite + Photoshop CS4

Monday, March 1, 2010

snip snip!

Here is my first full-fledged 3D model (that's actually somewhat presentable)! This was done in Cinema4D as a reference for surgical illustration class. There are still some glitchy areas i haven't figured out how to fix yet... i find HyperNURBs rather difficult to manipulate. D:

surgical scissors