Monday, November 30, 2009

T cell migration

i noticed i only have one blog post for November, so i am here to throw in some school work before the month ends!

We've been working with immunology researchers and developing illustrations based on their research. After many iterations, i've completed the Photoshop sketch. i am currently working on an Illustrator version (which will be the final product). i've never used Adobe Illustrator before so it's been a real uphill battle. It's been especially difficult because i tend to shy away from clean, crisp, and smooth rendering/lines when i work. Deadline is on Dec. 11, so we'll see how it goes! D:

T cell migration
pencil + photoshop CS2

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

QDDR mascot '09

i really felt like drawing something non-medical/science related sooo here is my latest rendition of the Queen's DDR club mascot! i went for a more anime-ish style, as i thought it'd suit the club. i've been really abusing the purple/yellow colour palette lately... will try a new scheme next time. O: And yes, i love bendy legs that make no sense!! 8D;;;

stay cool!
Photoshop CS2

Older versions (i really need to change up the poses lol!):

i should really do a non-chibi personal drawing next time around. i also have a number of illustrations done for school, will post them eventually... Now to stop procrastinating and get studying...