Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here is a Secret Santa painting for my dear ex-canmate from university. :)
i meant to paint her something serious, but it didn't turn out - hope she likes this anyway!
Whenever i think of Mauritius, huge turtles always come to mind...

watercolour + water-soluble crayons on paper 8x10"

If i don't manage to squeeze in a quick doodle before the end of 2009, Happy New Year!
New year's resolution: make time for non-school art!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

happy holidays! :)

i was supposed to do more gradient mesh today 8D;;;'s a quick doodle with a bunch of Christmas clich├ęs thrown together. :)
But i think i've lost sight of where i was trying to go with my art before entering Biomedical Communications, so i somehow reverted to big-eyed anime style... noooo!

Photoshop CS2

Death by gradient mesh...

i have yet to do any personal art! Studying for our anatomy exam pretty much consumed my life towards the end of term. Now it's Adobe Illustrator... i am basically doing a pure Illustrator version of this Photoshop rendition i posted back in November.

As i have no posts for December, i figured i'd better throw in a work in progress (aka i'm not slacking off on art, i swear!)
There is still tons to be done and refined! :(

i have no idea why i'm gradient meshing the entire thing...
And yes, i like my palettes messy. :)