Monday, April 18, 2011

junk o:

I finally get a chance to draw and what happens? I produce junk. That's how it goes, I suppose. :B

Photoshop CS4

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I've been feeling a bit listless and unfocused these past couple of days. Deadline extensions are truly both a blessing and a curse! I also haven't been able to kick my terrible sleep schedule since I stayed up trying to render out coffee a few nights ago. Days like these I really miss living in downtown Toronto. I miss picking up late nights snacks at the 24 hour Metro and browsing used books at BMV on the weekend. I feel so cooped up right now! :(

So I thought a quick doodle might help ease the feeling...

PaintTool SAI 1.01 + adjustments in Photoshop CS4

EDIT: P.S. This is supposed to be a girl. <-- hilarious because usually anime artists comment, "by the way, this is a boy" in reference to their girly boys, never the other way around. 8D;;

Thursday, April 7, 2011

late night coffee

I actually don't drink coffee, but I came across this CGsociety thread last night and it piqued my curiosity. The thread houses an excellent, in-depth discussion about how to create a coffee shader in Maya using mia_x material. If you know me personally, then I'm sure you're not surprised at how I obsessed over this inconsequential, minute detail... After many, many hours of fiddling, this is what I've come up with:

I also took the liberty of populating the desk with random items! My coffee shader is still not as good as some of the ones in the thread, but I think it's time to move on (aka MRP is beckoning me)...

This sort of contributes to my MRP (5 seconds worth?!) and I'm learning so this shouldn't count as procrastination, right?!

EDIT: And yes, this shall be cold, stale coffee because I'm not willing to attempt steam right now lol.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

return of Gintama!

I have no idea what possessed me to draw this during deadline week. Actually, staying at school past 1 am regularly and staring at particles might do it... Anyway, here is another fanart of Gintama. After a one year hiatus, the new season of Gintama returns this Monday. I'm actually super excited, so I thought I'd draw something to celebrate! :)

april 4th
PaintTool SAI + Adobe Photoshop CS4

Looks kind of different from my usual stuff. It's oozing animu-ness. Ah well! It's not quite how I'd like it to be and there are a bunch of mistakes, but it is now 5 am and I must get back on track with school stuff tomorrow/today! 8D;;

It all sort of snowballed when I pulled out my tablet to do a quick stress-relief doodle (I was dismayed at how dusty my tablet had become from neglect):

PaintTool SAI 1.01