Monday, July 26, 2010

Say no to shark fin soup II

Shark fin soup is a very popular dish in Chinese cuisine and is a standard item on banquet menus. However, my sister and i have been boycotting this delicacy for several years now because shark finning is a cruel and unsustainable practice. So for my sister's wedding, i designed this card to explain why shark fin soup was absent from the menu and to educate wedding attendees about shark finning. Although a realistic, gory depiction would likely have been more effective in deterring people from consuming the dish, i decided to keep the design cute and pleasant - this was a wedding afterall!

This is the much reworked final version of the illustration i started a year ago...

say no to shark fin soup!
adobe photoshop CS4 + paintTool SAI 1.01
background textures from

We printed 250 of these suckers (10pt coated, 4x6"), but i forgot to get one for myself...! D:

Here is one of my cards in action! :)

For more information on shark finning, please visit

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i finally finished reworking my illustrations for the AMI salon! i will be posting my final versions later on. But for now, what better way to celebrate than to draw some ANIMU? 8D

i was so excited to CG my aisu lines from the previous post, but uh, i totally failed somehow. So i transformed it into something a little different and became rather apathetic towards the end...

paintTool SAI 1.01 + adobe photoshop CS4

Friday, July 9, 2010

aisu doodle frenzy!

i guess it's official, my old character aisu lives! i'm planning on working this one up in colour, but if i had a penny for every unfinished drawing sitting on my hard drive...

Photoshop CS4

And here are a couple of doodles i did on the plane. These are kind of sad to look at though, they look super similar to my drawings from years ago, complete with bad anatomy! /hasn't improved! ;A;

watercolour + sakura microns on paper

(leaky) ballpoint pen on paper

Lately i just want to draw in anime-style! i'm having a hard time motivating myself to finish my surgical piece but the deadline is much sooner than i'd like to think... D:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jamaica doodlings

i just got back from Montego Bay, Jamaica for my sister's destination wedding and had an awesome time! It was incredibly hot and humid there, but it appears that Toronto is just as hot right now!

Anyway, here are some of the drawings i did there while enjoying some Red Stripe! First up, a dead fish (of course!). My dad, who was apparently the first man to go fishing at this resort, caught this fish along the shore (whoever can tell me what species this is gets a cookie! i actually forgot to draw its whiskers - likely a detail important to its identification...). i thought of Bidloo as i added in the flies...

unidentified dead fish
watercolour on paper

i had a number of ballpoint pen sketches of other striped fish, mussels, and sea urchins along the coast, but i accidentally got sunblock on them...

Anyway, my next painting was not so morbid! Here is my mom relaxing on the beach. :)

by the seaside
watercolour + sakura microns on paper

At the Toronto Pearson airport, i started drawing people around me like a real creeper during the long wait at customs...

noob-ish character studies @ airport
ballpoint pen on paper <-- dang, my new RSVP pens are no good, totally leaky!

i also drew some anime stuff during the flight that is pretty much unrelated to Jamaica, so i will post those later! Ah, i miss being spoiled silly at the resort already... D: