Monday, July 26, 2010

Say no to shark fin soup II

Shark fin soup is a very popular dish in Chinese cuisine and is a standard item on banquet menus. However, my sister and i have been boycotting this delicacy for several years now because shark finning is a cruel and unsustainable practice. So for my sister's wedding, i designed this card to explain why shark fin soup was absent from the menu and to educate wedding attendees about shark finning. Although a realistic, gory depiction would likely have been more effective in deterring people from consuming the dish, i decided to keep the design cute and pleasant - this was a wedding afterall!

This is the much reworked final version of the illustration i started a year ago...

say no to shark fin soup!
adobe photoshop CS4 + paintTool SAI 1.01
background textures from

We printed 250 of these suckers (10pt coated, 4x6"), but i forgot to get one for myself...! D:

Here is one of my cards in action! :)

For more information on shark finning, please visit


Donna said...

I was thinking of making one like the one I used to leave at restaurants for swordfish, but this is better than anything I could have created. Can you share the file?

Donna said...

In fact, do you have one in Chinese, since most customers who order it will be Chinese? I would just like to share it with the local Chinese restaurants as a non-aggressive way of asking them to consider taking shark fin soup off the menu. Kudos to you for getting on board!

Joyce said...

Hi Donna, I would be happy to discuss the fee for the use of my card design. Please feel free to contact me via email:!

Alicia Tan said...

Hi Joyce,
it is a very nice card you made there =)
i have promoted your card in my FB group if you don't mind..
please check it out at

Joyce said...

@ Alicia: Thanks for promoting my work! That's a great FB group you've got going, I hope more people become educated about the realities of shark fin soup. Best of luck with the group!

christina said...

Joyce, I love your work. Can I have your permission to share this on my website which promotes fin free weddings?

Joyce said...

Hi Christina, I've replied to you via email. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, that Chinese girl is so cute.