Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have been art blocking like crazy lately, so I've been mostly focusing on practicing anatomy and technical things. I might post some of them eventually, but they tend to be incredibly messy and undecipherable. :'D

So for now, here are some watercolour studies of plants I did during a weekend getaway. :)

water media + Pilot frixion pen on paper

I'm pleasantly surprised by how well my sketchbook holds up with water media. It's a really cheap Canson sketchbook, but the paper doesn't pill or wrinkle that much (provided you control the amount of water and how many times you go over an area). Canson has really improved the paper quality of this line. Since I'm the type who gets nervous when drawing in a nice sketchbook (e.g. moleskin that is still collecting dust on my shelf), these suit me well. I'm on my fourth one now!