Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In 1.5 hours, i will be embarking on an 18-hour bus ride to Augusta, Georgia to visit the medical illustrators at the Medical College of Georgia. i am super excited to meet one of my favourite medical illustrators, Mr. Bill Andrews! :)
Anyway, i was getting extremely restless waiting so here is a super quick (1 hour) barf doodle!

adobe photoshop CS4

The style seems a bit off to me, but it's my first anime CG in a very, very long time. :)
There were originally cherokee roses, the state flower of Georgia, but they disappeared after i colour-barfed on the drawing. 8D;;;

Will be posting my final neuro and surgical illustrations soon! i better get going lest i miss the bus...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

portfolio website!

i officially have a website now! Please visit by clicking the following link:
Joyce Hui | Biomedical Communicator

The main focus of my website is the artwork, so my goal was to keep the site clean and professional looking. I also wanted to make browsing and viewing my artwork as easy as possible. So i decided on a simple navigation system that is hopefully intuitive.

Here is the original layouts i submitted for approval:

website layout
adobe photoshop CS4

i already have some new ideas for how the gallery is set up, i will work to implement them in the summer!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

a message to myself

(First post that doesn't have an image attached to it, oh noes!)
i was cleaning up some old files and found a random text file named "revelation"... Curious, i opened it up and found a message to myself from October 2006 - a diary entry of sorts.

"i've always considered the Biomedical Communications graduate degree at the University of Toronto, and i think now, i really want to do this. i think it's the best compromise i can make between biology and art, both of which i do love.

To be honest, i'm really scared because compared to students who've attended Sheridan or OCAD or other art schools, i'm lacking in a lot of areas of art. And i haven't done anything but anime for the past 3 years now...;__; And this program only takes [16] people! So yeah, i'm feeling pretty [bleeping] scared right now. But i guess that's what life's about, it's about challenging yourself - you can't give up just like that. So i'm going to work towards this, and hopefully when i get there i won't be disillusioned.

Don't forget this promise you've made to yourself. You're going to do this shit."

And somehow, i totally forgot i wrote this and ended up questioning my path for the next 2 years. i finally decided to apply for Biomedical Communications at the end of 2008 and here i am today! i still get excited every time i sit back and reflect on the fact that i get to draw fascinating things for my graduate degree. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

tissue studies

Here are some tissue studies i did for surgical class back in January. i've just been too lazy to scan them, but was finally forced to when i realized i had to hand in my sketchbook for marking! i drew these mostly from surgical photos, but also a couple from illustrations. The goal was to study and understand the visual characteristics of different types of tissues relevant to surgical illustration. i decided to mess around with different materials for this assignment. i really need to work on my pen & ink skills - i can never get as much line variation as i'd like...

cut skin & subcutaneous fat
graphite + prisma markers + sakura microns on paper

skeletal muscle (cut and uncut)
graphite + prisma markers + sakura microns on paper

bone (cut & uncut)
graphite + prisma markers + sakura microns on paper

tendon & cartilage
graphite + prisma markers + sakura microns on paper

blood vessels (arteries & veins)
graphite + prisma markers + sakura microns on paper

(And yes, i worked waaay too hard on this considering it was only worth 4%...lol!)

i need to make a few changes to my final render for surgical and neuro classes, but will be posting them soon. My website is also almost done! i can see the light...