Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In 1.5 hours, i will be embarking on an 18-hour bus ride to Augusta, Georgia to visit the medical illustrators at the Medical College of Georgia. i am super excited to meet one of my favourite medical illustrators, Mr. Bill Andrews! :)
Anyway, i was getting extremely restless waiting so here is a super quick (1 hour) barf doodle!

adobe photoshop CS4

The style seems a bit off to me, but it's my first anime CG in a very, very long time. :)
There were originally cherokee roses, the state flower of Georgia, but they disappeared after i colour-barfed on the drawing. 8D;;;

Will be posting my final neuro and surgical illustrations soon! i better get going lest i miss the bus...


Lee Baker said...

I hear that the Wright brothers have demonstrated a new technology in Kitty Hawk, NC recently. Apparently, it allows for manned flight. Someday, it may even allow for travel fast enough to make it from Toronto to Augusta in less than 18 hours! Surely the future will be grand.

GOATZ said...

your barf is amazing, my dear.