Saturday, April 10, 2010

a message to myself

(First post that doesn't have an image attached to it, oh noes!)
i was cleaning up some old files and found a random text file named "revelation"... Curious, i opened it up and found a message to myself from October 2006 - a diary entry of sorts.

"i've always considered the Biomedical Communications graduate degree at the University of Toronto, and i think now, i really want to do this. i think it's the best compromise i can make between biology and art, both of which i do love.

To be honest, i'm really scared because compared to students who've attended Sheridan or OCAD or other art schools, i'm lacking in a lot of areas of art. And i haven't done anything but anime for the past 3 years now...;__; And this program only takes [16] people! So yeah, i'm feeling pretty [bleeping] scared right now. But i guess that's what life's about, it's about challenging yourself - you can't give up just like that. So i'm going to work towards this, and hopefully when i get there i won't be disillusioned.

Don't forget this promise you've made to yourself. You're going to do this shit."

And somehow, i totally forgot i wrote this and ended up questioning my path for the next 2 years. i finally decided to apply for Biomedical Communications at the end of 2008 and here i am today! i still get excited every time i sit back and reflect on the fact that i get to draw fascinating things for my graduate degree. :)


Grace "MingYun" Fong said...

That's so cool, RUru. COngrats!

Annie Feng said...

:D I admire your work so much, and sorry for commenting on such an old post, but I'm applying to BMC this year too, and looking at your credentials I'm super nervous >.<///

Joyce said...

Hi Annie,
Thanks for your message! Best of luck with getting into BMC! No need to be nervous – just be prepared and confident in your work. :)