Saturday, October 15, 2011

one fish, two fish...

Another birthday card! This one's for my dad. :)

a fishy birthday
brown Sharpie + watercolours on paper

I used a different watercolour paper this time (Strathmore CP 600 series) and the surface seemed to be repelling water. Very strange behaviour... I still swear by Windsor & Newton HP 150 lb watercolour paper! I was just too lazy to cut the large sheet I have...

EDIT: whoa! Blogger finally updated their picture viewer? Looks a bit like Tumblr/Facebook now, but I like it. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011


Here's a quick birthday card I drew for my mom! She really likes eating snow crab legs, so I decided to draw her a crab (snow crabs were a bit difficult to draw in a cute way so chose another species...).

This was originally the back, but I decided it was a tad morbid and didn't include it in the final card. :'D

Sakura brush marker + watercolours + watercolour pencils on paper