Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fish! process part 2/3

Continuing from the final sketch...

Steps 4 & 5: Modelling & texturing
To get a more accurate structure for the fish, I used some illustrations as references to build off of.

Click to see my attempts at modelling the fish and ice...

After completing the fish model, i tried to use BodyPaint to texture the fish, but i wasn't able to achieve very good results. Since the fish structure is pretty simple, i just painted a texture in Photoshop without bothering with UV mapping. The image was added to the color channel and projected flat onto the fish model. A bump map was also created for the fish scales.

Lastly, the protein structure data from the Protein Data Bank was opened up in Chimera. I chose to go with a ribbon representation in the end (the surface representation was too reminiscent of fish eggs according to my classmates). I then brought the protein model into C4D and applied a simple material.

That wraps up modelling! Now to build the scene...