Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fish! process part 1/3

Hello! Sorry I've been a bit MIA this month - been bogged down with watching too many kdramas school work and other unplanned things! Anyway, here is something i've been meaning to put up - a break down of how i created my mock journal cover.

Disclaimer: Since i'm very much a novice at 3D, i created this more for myself and it's not intended to be a how-to or anything lol! i felt the need to document how i did some things before i forgot! ;)

Project objectives: To create a mock journal/science magazine cover about antifreeze proteins found in Atlantic Herring.
Target audience: General public

Step 1: Find an interesting protein
Unable to let go of my fishy past, i looked up proteins found in fish species in the Protein Data Bank. i settled on an antifreeze protein in Atlantic herring.

Step 2:
Here are some quick sketches i did. i envisioned this dynamic illustration with a fish breaking out of ice. Looking back, i think my illustration would have had more impact with a whole school of herring.

ballpoint pen + col-erase pencils

Step 3: Final sketch
This was my final sketch from the planning stage. In hindsight i really shouldn't have worked this up so much, in order to encourage more feedback and changes at this point!
i got really carried away because well, i like fish. :) Comparing my sketch and my final model, i was sad to realize how many drawing errors exist in this sketch haha...

Adobe Photoshop CS4

So that pretty much concludes the planning stage. Part 2, modelling...