Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ice ice, baby

Here is a work in progress for my mock journal cover! i swear our 3D professor is magical! He clicks a couple things in like 2 seconds, and suddenly your render becomes beautiful! (And special thanks to Jurie, Bea, and Diego for helping with my retarded titles! 8D)

mock SciAm cover
Cinema4D + layout in Photoshop CS4 (i should've done it in AI, i know...)

i'm mostly done, but there is some funky geometry in the fish model i still haven't been able to tweak out. The scale texture (bump map) got a bit strange after adding subsurface scattering and i need to repaint some parts of the fish texture map. And i added the nastiest, last-minute "glow" to my molecules in Photoshop, so need to fix that as well... i need to play around with the lighting some more as well...Also, i think i will try to get a more dynamic feel with some actions lines...not sure yet!

Wow, now that i typed out everything i still have to do, i actually have a lot to fix...


caleb hasler said...

Joyce! Your fish is awesome. I should commission you to do my PhD thesis as a Nature cover.




Lee Baker said...

Love the titles. Too bad I can't get poutine down here. Guess I won't be able to enhance my cognition :(

Joyce said...

@ Caleb: Thanks! i'd totally be up for it if you need any illustrations for your papers! :) i miss fish research...

@ Lee: It's okay Lee, you're too hardcore already anyway. >:
(Are you visiting over the summer??)