Tuesday, June 29, 2010

fish scarf

After the blinding neon-coloured drawing of poor aisu, i decided to make things right... She is really a more subdued person who prefers not to stand out too much.

fish scarf
paintTool SAI 1.01

i decided to use the Brush tool in SAI today - it was a bit hard to control but i like the blobby, blendy effect (density: 70; color blending: 35; opacity mix: 30; persistence: 60). It's nice working in SAI again, been using Photoshop waaay too much for my biomedical illustrations!

i tried my best not to colour-barf, but i think i went a bit too desaturated/not enough contrast on this. My retinas were probably still reeling from that last neon pink image lol! i also couldn't get that scarf right; it doesn't have the right volume and looks starched (probably should've looked at a reference :'D). Ah well, much to improve on, as always!


Kage said...

You have too much timeeee, I want to doodle too gdi

Joyce said...

You're almost there, ganbatte!!! ;A;