Tuesday, September 29, 2009

birthday doodle :)

i did this super quick CG for my mom's birthday. The proportions are kind of funky (yes, i believe there can be funky proportions in chibis!). But ah well, it was a last-minute job and that's how it's going to be! i was also messing around with colours a bit, definitely out of my (very limited) comfort zone... And i actually used Photoshop CS2 instead of SAI 1.01 for this - i figured i'd better get used to the hotkeys, as it will be the program of choice in my field. :(


Photoshop CS2

Carbon dust update next...!


a_ndy said...

I wish I could whip up cards with such efficiency and positive results. I bet your parents can track your artistic evolution through cards. :)

Peter Hong Chan said...

turned out good :)