Sunday, September 27, 2009

open life drawing

This past Thursday, i went for an open life drawing session at the Toronto School of Art with a bunch of people from my program. It was my first time at an open session, and i've never been in such a packed (and sweaty) life drawing environment before! Everyone was really focused and engaged in their work, and i just felt so pumped to do some drawing that wasn't for school. It felt GREAT to loosen up again!

i was pretty rusty, but here they are...
(i forgot to keep track of times, i think most of these are in the 10-15 min range, except for the first one which is likely a 1 min drawing.)

charcoal on newsprint, 18x24"

charcoal + conte, 18x24"

Here's a tandem drawing i did with Shelley (i.e. we took turns drawing on the same page), a second-year student in the Biomedical Communications program. While she is an amazing artist, she totally brings out the worse in me (it's rather obvious what body part we totally kept fixating on...)!

charcoal + conte, 18x24"


Geoffrey L Cheung said...

Way to emphasize on sweaty... And the bubbly parts...:P

a_ndy said...

Nice ass.

Joyce said...