Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy hallowe'en!

Seeing as i've never carved a pumpkin before, i decided to give this Hallowe'en tradition a shot this year. Feeling ambitious, i doodled out some designs. One of the RAs, with his highly impressive carving skills and willingness to carve essentially whatever i drew, brought my vision to life!

(So technically i still have never carved a pumpkin, though i did contribute to the pumpkin gutting... Whatever - after anatomy, pumpkin gutting by hand is not disgusting at all, lol!)

Here's the final product:

Some progress shots:

There are actually two sides to our pumpkin, but i failed to get a photo of the other side with a candle inside. :( The devil kitty would've looked better without the gaping holes in the back from the other side, but we only had access to one pumpkin. xD;;;

'Twas a fun night of non-studying...!


a_ndy said...

That is indeed an amazing jack-o-lantern, and the RA doesn't even look that chubby from the tiny corner you caught of him.