Thursday, October 23, 2008

Week 7

Watercolour/gouaches washes over a graphite drawing create pretty interesting effects, in my opinion. :)

First, powdered graphite was applied to the entire surface. Details were then erased into the graphite ground. A light wash of watercolours and gouache was applied after the erasing was completed, and voila!

I'm losing my Japanese vocab, I hope that's correct. <:
Eraser on graphite ground with watercolour & gouache wash

So I guess I'll put up some of my life drawing... I've never done it before and this is my progress after 7 classes, it was the first time we're allowed to use one colour! Our instructor had us use 3 different colours for each of the main steps: 1) gesture 2) joints 3) mass structures. We haven't delved into contour and tone yet.

(And please excuse poor photography) ;-;

20 minute poses - really need to work on hands & feet, among...well everything else xD
Pastel on newsprint, 18x20