Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scrappy doodles

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been busy trying to pump out anime art for this weekend's anime convention DotCon. This was a nice break from all the fanart and CGing.

We were playing around with masking techniques today - and wow, does Windsor & Newton masking fluid ever smell bad... Anyway, here are a couple small paintings I did, just trying out the techniques so nothing fancy. :)

I drew the bird with a white crayon, added a watercolour wash over it, and used a credit card dipped in watercolours for the lines.
Crayola white crayon, watercolor
& gouache on paper, 5.75x7.5 in.

This is just standard W&N masking fluid on paper with watercolour and gouache wash on top. My lines are pretty!
Watercolour & gouache on paper, 5.75x7.5 in.

Back to drawing anime!...


Peter Hong Chan said...

hey cool blog and these are some awesome studies.

nice to see your traditional work, hope u don't mind me linking ya. Keep it going!

Joyce said...

Hey thanks, Peter. I'm definitely getting into traditional media and subject matter a lot more nowadays! I'll be linking back! :)

Javier Alejandro said...

OMG these people are arming you with art weaponry to make killer stuff D:

awesome! those techniques give you a lot more potential, as if you hadn't enough already xD

Lettie Lo said...

wow nice seeing u trying out so much diff techniques !!! the birdd is soo cute!!

Joyce said...

Thanks Javier and Lettie!

I'm having a hard time applying everything I've learned so far, so that's my challenge right now. I'm hoping it'll all come together one day... :)

shou' said...

Whoa. A gouache master! Lovely pieces :)