Monday, December 22, 2008

quack quack

I've always had trouble in my acrylic painting class when it came to the lessons involving the use of warm & cool colours / complementary colours. I often find it difficult to bring the whole picture together, compared to the old masters' palette (aka everything is brown-tinted).

So here is another attempt at the whole warm & cool colour thing, as well as looser brushstrokes... I definitely need more practice with composition as well!

rubber ducks
acrylics on canvas, 8.10"
(commissioned piece)

Oh and happy holidays everyone! :)


Schin said...

D: This is gorgeous <333

Joyce said...

I love ducks! 8D;;;
Thanks Schin! <3

Geov said...

haha, cute!

Linda said...

kay, disregard my initial comment above, all of your artworks are very beautiful. :)