Monday, February 23, 2009

life drawing + anatomy

Here are some pieces from my life drawing and anatomy classes:

30 min poses
conté & white pastel on newsprint, 18x20"

I found it really difficult to figure out where the muscles were located on the model. But we had a little field trip to the University of Toronto anatomy lab last week, which helped out a lot with visualizing origins and insertions of muscles, as well as the direction of the fibres. It took some getting used to, but I had a good time sketching out specimens there. :)

upper & lower leg muscles (from live model, 30 min each)
conté on newsprint, 18x20"

Everything I want to take at the Toronto School of Art in the Spring/Summer term conflicts with work, any suggestions for alternative art schools in the Toronto area where you can just take a couple courses? ;-;


a_ndy said...

Ah, leg muscles! I think the Queen's anatomy lab was nicer though.

Joyce said...

Really? I've only been in the Queen's anat lab once during a tour (before first year), don't remember much of it. xD;;;

Charlene said...

Do they allow non-students to visit the lab to draw the specimens?