Thursday, May 28, 2009

hostile takeover!

rotman dragonboat team logo
Photoshop CS2

Here is the logo I designed for the U of T Rotman dragonboat team.
Some people were surprised that I didn't make a cutesy dragon, I guess I'm typecast...!

I ended up drawing this freehand, though I probably should've used vectors for a cleaner and crisper result. Well, maybe next time!

Here are some of my initial sketches (in good ol' ballpoint pen):


a_ndy said...

That's really cool! I didn't know that you could do logos (I wish I could). You should make one for UofT Meds because we always get stuck with something crummy I'm told.

This year, they opened up the logo competition for Meds clothes for like 2 days and afterwards we had to vote on a "logo." Except they weren't logos, they were different fonts spelling out Meds all so blatantly across the front of a shirt. It was really nauseating.

Actually, my Life Sci sweater logo has come under a lot of fire this year though because apparently Life Sci's were pretenders and actually didn't know what a QRS complex on an ECG looks like...

You know how to do vectoring? I don't even know what that is (other than a pointy arrow), but I wish I did!

Joyce said...

Thanks Andrew! <:
You seem to dislike anything the Meds produce that requires artistic ability lol!!

You should've entered, you could've made a spiffy logo! :D
(And /swt about the Life Sci ECG logo...)

I'm no good at vectoring (which is why I almost always revert to freehand), but I know the basics. I can show you sometime if you'd like. :)

Geoffrey L Cheung said...

omg, it looks sooo coooool!

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