Monday, June 15, 2009


black ballpoint pen + white china marker + red Col-Erase pencil on kraft paper, ~8.5x11"

Just something I did to loosen up a bit today. Ballpoint pen is probably my favourite tool. Though the permanence is a little unnerving at times, it's what helps loosen me up.

I didn't intend on draw another girl with glasses; but as she shaped up, she reminded me of those intellectual, sophisticated female types in video games that seem to always have glasses, hair neatly pulled to one side, and oversized breasts. 8D;;;


a_ndy said...

I am really digging this slender new drawing style.

I'm a fan of the new layout too... did you make it yourself? And how did you get a nice search box like that instead of the top bar?

Joyce said...

Thanks! I'll be continuing with it for now. :)

Unfortunately, I'm not the creator of my spiffy new layout (credits at the bottom), so I can't help you out there! I really should learn how to make my own blog layout, though...