Monday, February 8, 2010

be my valentine!

Happy (early) Valentine's Day!

My colleagues and i are really excited about the upcoming tri-campus exchange at Georgia and the annual AMI meeting in Portland. However, these trips are going to be insaaaanely expensive (especially the AMI meeting) so we're hoping to raise some funds by selling Valentine's Day cards on campus!

Be my valentine!
Adobe Photoshop CS4, 3x5"

i will be posting a compilation of everyone's designs once we get them all in. Look forward to it! :)


Peter Hong Chan said...

looks like its fixed!
anyways i was gonna say i really like this card, love the mood, colors and textures.

happy early valentines to you too :)

j said...

The blues are such a nice touch~~ I WANT THIS CARD TOOOO
The textures <3

Joyce said...

@ Peter: Thanks! :)
(and also thanks for pointing out my blog glitch!)

@ J: you shall get one! If they ever get printed... ;-;

a_ndy said...

Dude, way to not sell your Valentine's cards before Valentine's.