Saturday, February 27, 2010

february life drawing

School has been keeping me busy, i shall post some sketches from class tomorrow!
i haven't been drawing well in open life drawing this past month, but i figured i'd post a couple images...

charcoal on newsprint, 18x24"

i wasn't doing well with charcoal, so i swapped materials with my friend! i saw someone else add CG to their life drawing, and i wanted to give it a shot...

graphite on paper + Photoshop CS4, 8.5x11"

i think i'm just too tired lately to concentrate well during life drawing! Must keep practicing! ;-;


j said...

these are beautiful~~~


a_ndy said...

More bums!

Joyce said...

Sankyuu! i tried really hard to get those feet right!

Oh, there will be more bums to come, that's for sure. :'D