Tuesday, August 17, 2010

another day, another fail D:

i've been rewatching Samurai Champloo recently, and it is still so damn good (that baseball episode still cracks me up every time lol). i'm a huge fan of Jin, but i definitely did not do him justice here! There was a lot more to this drawing, but...i failed. 8D;;

fail-jin D:
paintTool SAI + textures from CGtextures.com
(slapping textures onto a failed drawing doesn't make it better, i know. lol!)

Perhaps i'll revisit this one day once i've improved on my life drawing/anatomy/etc skills... >:

i feel like i've been heading the wrong way with my artwork recently. i'm going to try to do something different. So if i draw another half-assed portrait, smack me. 8D;;


Eric-Anthony said...

i think it turned out pretty good!
i suck so bad at doing portraits xD

Pizawl said...

fail ye not. tis stylish!

Joyce said...

@ Eric-Anthony: Thanks for the words of encouragement! And i'm sure you don't! :)

@ Pizawl: Thank ye, kind sir. i just couldn't capture his mad sexiness. LOL >:

crazytracey said...

Really? Failed?
He looks edible to me.
Love the expression on his face.