Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i said no more portraits, i know...

This one was for a joint Gaia Online art auction i held with a few of my friends. i did a lot of Gaia commissions back in the day, so i can really appreciate a request for a pretty girl and not a crazy overloaded Gaia avatar, lol! i joined the site back in 2003 when it first launched. It was a great artist community then, but it has become too complicated (evolving items?!) for an old lady like me!

paintTool SAI 1.01 + adobe photoshop CS4

i will seriously do something different next time around! This isn't really the direction i want my (non-medical) art to take. But i just realized i only have 2 weeks until the start of school, so "something different" may just mean school work! *sigh* D:


Eric-Anthony said...

omg awesome!

i'm starting to become a stalker lol. love your blog

Joyce said...

LOL! Comments are always appreciated, thanks! :)