Sunday, September 26, 2010

Polygon modeling in Maya

It may not be NURBS modeling, but it is still noob modeling lol! We started polygon modeling techniques last Monday and our assignment was to model our hand. I think I enjoy polygon modeling a little bit more - it's more similar to how I worked in Cinema4D. However, I was still excruciatingly slow at making this model!

I modeled this using photo references of my hand. The thumb is supposed to be outstretched but it looks rather long. I wonder if it's a reference photo distortion thing I ended up modeling (or perhaps camera distortion from me taking a screenshot too close to the object in Maya)! To sum up my process, I used polygon primitives + lots of point pushing + extrude for nails + the polygon cut tool excessively + the sculpt tool.

Oh and here's the teapot exercise of the week - this time using a combination of revolve + bridge + extrude on polygons...

Sorry for the bad geometry everywhere. I hope one day I can look back at these and laugh! Oh Maya, when will I be able to tame you? D:


Nicole Grace McLean said...

YAY more teapots!

Those hands are amazing too! Jeepers!

Albert Fung said...

Y'all just apeshit crazy I tell ya. I fully expect ALL of your MRPs to be like Avatar/Pixar/Terminator Salvation/Assassin's Creed.

Joyce said...

@ Nicole: Thanks! I will never look at teapots the same again...

@ Albert: LOL! No one's MRP will be nearly as epic as your 9 minute one! ;D (And Eddy was talking about how hardcore you were in modeling all the plexuses of the nephron last year :D)

Albert Fung said...

The waves of the Yangtse River push those in front of them...or something...some Chinese proverb. I don't know.

Seriously though, I think you guys are gonna be great. Marc and Eddy are known to change the syllabus from year to year, but this time I believe it's a start of a new...era?

Kudos to the awesome hand. Rig it like Spock for brownie points from Marc.

Joyce said...

Oh Albert, so full of wisdom haha! :D No seriously, I really appreciate your support! <3

I'm kind of sad we've been only modeling medical/anatomical things. I guess it's more useful in our profession b-but I wanted to do some silly things (teapots don't count).

LOL! I'll keep that in mind when we rig the hand later this term!

PS. We attempted to model surgical tools today. My respect for you has increased even more!!