Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cute, but deadly

My brain has pretty much been reduced to mush by school. This is the extent of my artistic abilities right now:

Adobe Photoshop CS4
(These are based on online avatars, designs are not entirely mine)

Now the question is: back to tearing my hair out over layouts on a Saturday night, or go out and check out Nuit Blanche? or stay in and draw more bad anime art?! I think we have a winner... 8D


PizawL said...

AWESOME!!! You conjured some Halloween ferocity style. Nuit Blanche was a whole lot of people standing in line. Actually it was really fun people watching.

Nicole Grace McLean said...

I think they are sooooo cute! and kinda freaky! haha! I am hoping there is a halloween theme here...?!?

Andreea said...

The cartoony, marker felty style mirrors your brain turning to mush. i like that.

Joyce said...

@ Pizawl: Halloween is a really good excuse for drawing cute, evil things mwahaha. You'll have to tell me about NB on Mon! :)

@ Nicole: I love cute, freaky stuff! I hope I will have time to do an actual Halloween piece this year. :D

@ Andreea: Yes! It felt really nice to just scribble and not worry about precision for once!

Lilies in my Cereal said...

i think they look totally cute!

Anonymous said...


These are so radddddd

Joyce said...

@ Lillies: Thank you!

@ I wonder who? 8D: RED FUNDOSHI!!

Maybe more of these coming soon?! I better get these out of my system before Halloween. :)