Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making babies (part II)!

It's midterm critique week which means drafts everywhere! Here are my final sketches for medical-legal class. I've been working on a medical malpractice case. The physician is accused of negligence for his allegedly premature decision to perform a forceps delivery, which may have led to a skull fracture and cerebral palsy. The position of the fetus' head during labour is highly relevant to this case. However, the maternal-fetal relationships present serious challenges to understanding and viewers not familiar with anatomy can get easily disoriented. My solution: contextualize everything by relating the anatomy of the fetal head, maternal pelvis, and maternal body to situate the viewer. I did these illustrations with the defendant (physician) in mind, so I wanted everything to look objective and to conform to medical conventions (e.g. obstetrical view).

Illustration board 1:

Illustration board 2:
Maternal-fetal relationships during labour
Adobe Photoshop CS4, illustration boards 4x3' each

Next steps: redo the lines in pencil and fully render everything...


Lee said...

This is really cool stuff you're doing. If I ever need to defend one of our numerous soon-to-be-doctor friends, maybe I'll need your services. :P

Is this for an actual case? Or just a practice scenario?

Nicole Grace McLean said...

sooo pretty :)

Joyce said...

@ Lee: Haha hopefully you won't need to! But of course if you do, I'd be happy to oblige! 8D

This is an actual case from the 1980s our prof picked out.

@ Nicole: Thanks! (though that isn't the most aesthetically pleasing orientation haha :P)

PowersWithin said...

Ah, so THIS is why u needed that lithotomy reference pic eh? XD; Amazing job as usual =P

Joyce said...

@ Minyan: HAHA!!! Yes, exactly. I do apologize for soiling your eyes. D: