Saturday, October 23, 2010


If I had to pick the most intense course of the year so far, it would have to be my cinematic design class. With deadlines every week, I was forced to sit down and really think about my Master's Research Project (In a nutshell: Over the next eight months or so, I will create a short 3D animated film to explain how pain sensitivity increases in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The film will target pharmacology/pharmacy students to both educate and inspire). After weeks of racking my brain and sleep deprivation, I finally have something (somewhat decent) to show

Perpetuating Pain storyboard
Adobe Photoshop CS4 + compiled in MS Powerpoint 2003

I was pretty proud of my accomplishments in the past two months. It felt really good to see my story come together. That good feeling didn't last very long, however... I met with my committee members this past week and there are many changes to be made - both in terms of visualization and scientific content. Well, the storyboard is meant to be a very fluid thing, so changes are to be expected! So back to the drawing board...literally!

Hopefully the next thing I post from this class will be my 2D animatic with narration (Adobe AfterEffects, here I come)! :)


Andreea said...

As usual, beautiful work. I love your style so much!

Nicole Grace McLean said...

It is SO SMALL! You should make them larger... I think they are pretty though!

PowersWithin said...

So... beautiful.... O.,O
Your colors give me eyegasms ゚▽゚ ~♥
Good luck w/ the rest of ur projects! You can do it!!!

Joyce said...

@ Andreea: Awww thank you for your kind words, as always. :)

@ Nicole: I made them a lot bigger, just for you! But now people can read my horrible script...noooooes!

@ Minyan: LOL! Thanks! <3 I was inspired by underwater footage, Finding Nemo and bleached anemone! I'm pretty stoked about using AfterEffects for the 2D animatic. :D

Nicole Grace McLean said...

I read it... ALL of it!

Great work Joyce! I LOVE the transition in the last two slides. It made me feel so good... very subtle, but very effective!

Joyce said...

@ Nicole: Nooooo!! haha
Awww thanks! I'll have to make sure it doesn't come off as cheesy though. :)

Lilies in my Cereal said...

I didn't know After Affects existed! Hmmm... your posts have inspired me to improve my photoshop skills.... does photoshop jump into after effects like it does for ImageReady?

Joyce said...

@ Lillies: I just started learning it, it looks like a super powerful program!

I've never used ImageReady, but Photoshop is highly compatible with After Effects (both Adobe products). You can import layered PSD files right into After Effects. :)