Sunday, February 20, 2011

quadruple dose of animu

I've developed a bad habit of not finishing what I started (when it comes to non-school work anyway)! So here's a batch of not-so-refined works and WIPs:

I generally tend to avoid fanart (unless for anime convention purposes...) but somehow that's all I've been drawing recently! B-but Gintama is just so goooood!

PaintTool SAI + adjustments in Adobe Photoshop CS4

WIP: (Does Professor Layton count as animu?) I definitely plan on finishing this...eventually! I can't wait until the next game - Professor Layton and The Lost Future was so incredibly epic! I had the Curious Village in mind when I was drawing this, though. :)

PaintTool SAI 1.01

WIP: I haven't decided whether to fully render this in colour, or go for flat b&w.

PaintTool SAI 1.01

And finally, a quick chibi doodle for a friend! And yes, I enjoy super blinding yellow backgrounds.

Adobe Photoshop CS4

I must admit, I've been running away from reality (read: school) a bit recently. I need to get back on track starting tomorrow! I also need to retroactively add all those projects I finished in February here...


PowersWithin said...

So the 2nd Professor Layton game was good? I finished the first one and loved it but I kinda stopped playing the 2nd one kuz... I got distracted by Pokemon =_=; Now I wanna finish that one too XD;

Joyce said...

Lost Future is actually the third game! Pandora's/Diabolical Box is the second game - they're all so goood! They keep amping up the epic-ness with each installment. xD;;

Urk I still haven't beat Elite Four in Pokemon Diamond. I ditched it at lvl 40s, got too lazy to grind. >:

a_ndy said...

Do you play Professor Layton? I've always wanted to. I have to confess that I also want to play Pokemon Black & White. SO BADLY. P.S. 3rd classes came out in Ragnarok.

Joyce said...

I do play Professor Layton! I am eagerly awaiting the next one.
I'm going to be all over Pokemon B&W - no shame... (not enough to deter me anyway) >>;;

Ugh, I must admit I checked the RO website randomly a couple weeks back. I really don't think I'll ever play again simply because I won't be able to catch up! Do you still play?!