Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sharks in our oceans, not in our bow(e)ls!

I have become a bit of a shark conservation activist recently, and I had the pleasure of creating a couple of quick illustrations for Shark Truth, a nonprofit group based in Vancouver, BC, that aims to educate Chinese communities on the environmental issues surrounding shark fin soup, promote awareness, and ultimately, put an end to shark fin consumption in Canada. These illustrations will be printed and used as signs in a photo mob. Credit must be given to my friend who misread "bowls" as "bowels", which led to the creation of the second illustration (Hey look! I sort of used my medical illustrator skillz! lol)

Sharks in our oceans, not in our bow(e)ls!
Photoshop CS4

Recently, California introduced Bill AB376 to ban the sale of sharkfin soup. Some Chinese communities have expressed anger at a proposed ban of shark fin consumption, crying "racism" and touting that shark fin soup is part of the Chinese culture. However, they only represent a part of the Chinese community and many of us support this bill. The team at Shark Truth has been working hard on creating a "mob photo" to submit to the California government in an effort to ban the sale and consumption of shark fin and to demonstrate that the Chinese also support this move.

Here in Canada, a ban on shark fin sales and possession has already been inplemented in Brantford, Ontario. The Scarborough Councillor is now also proposing a city-wide ban. So let's get this show rollin' in Toronto!

For more information on why shark finning needs to stop, visit the website for the Sharkwater documentary.

If you would like to use my illustrations to help stop the soup, please feel free to email me for permission. Please include details on how you plan on using the illustrations, etc. 

Still to come on the shark fin agenda: Wedding card for free use. I haven't forgotten! The sketch is already done (scheduled for August). :)


PizawL said...

I love that you did a HammerHead shark. And I love it's expression!

Joyce said...

Thanks Paul! I wanted to choose a different shark to portray this time around. :D