Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sorry, not the cute, fuzzy variety. :'D

I got kicked out of my school building today because the janitors needed to wax our hallway. Perfect excuse to give in to my intense craving for some smurfing animu-drawing!

This is Barnaby (nicknamed "Bunny") from Tiger & Bunny, a surprisingly good anime this season. It's set up as a hero show and the plot is pretty predictable, but the great chemistry between all of the characters keeps me watching!

Barnaby Bunny!
Adobe Photoshop CS4

I tried to CG with the brush I normally sketch with. It was a nice change of pace. :)
EDIT: Did a bit of colour and blur tweaking.

Here are a couple of alternative versions. I ended up inking the original sketch and tried my hand at cel shading! I never really do clean lineart, so this was an interesting route to take!

I think this last one is probably my favourite, which makes me really sad because I spent considerably more time on the rendered version!

Copic multiliners + Adobe Photoshop CS4
Texture from

Back to Maya tomorrow!


Nicole Grace McLean said...

I really like the one with cel shading!!!

.... the bunny ears are so random. I clearly fail at understanding anime.

Joyce said...

Thanks Nicole! I think I like the cel shading one more too, which makes me sad because it took like 1/4 of the time of the fully rendered one. D:

Haha it's all good, anime is a strange world!

PowersWithin said...

I like both the soft & cel shaded versions :D Your soft shaded pics always have a nice dreamy quality to them. I don't think I've ever seen a cel shaded pic by you before! I really love the colors you used for the cel shaded version too :D

Joyce said...

Thanks Minyan! I think I've only ever done a single cel-shaded chibi lol... I rarely have clean lines to begin with. :S

You are so pro at cel shading, give me tips! :)

I actually wanted to add some gradients and textures to the cel shading, but it was 5 am by that time lol...

PowersWithin said...

I like your non-clean lines style! I can never achieve that D:

Haha thanks :D

Yeah try playing with gradients! They're quite fun to use w/ cel-shading and it creates that semi-cel shaded look =] Flash is actually really good for doing cel shading stuff when you use the "paint inside" or "Paint selected" functions with the brush tool :D

Joyce said...

Awww you can! I find clean lines way harder. :\

I have to admit, I'm not very fond of the Flash interface and tools, so I think I'll stick to AI and PS for my cel-shading needs for now. But I'll give that a shot eventually! :D