Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New website!

It's been a month in the making, but I'm finally ready to launch my new website for my medical and scientific visualization portfolio! I really wanted to showcase my work based on projects so that I could include my process and any additional images that are related to the final piece. I really love it when artists post their process so I hope you will enjoy looking at mine! :)

Anyway without further ado, click to visit my portfolio !

About the design - I ended up matching it to my current blog layout. I drew a lot of inspiration from squidfinger's simple, but effective websiteNorth Kingdom's archive page, and of course, this blog layout template.

I've been tired of my Flash website for quite some time, but didn't have the time/courage to pick up html/css/php. I finally felt up to the task last month and managed to finish my site by stealing the code off Julie and Bea with the help of some friends. I also learned a lot about why web designers/developers rage about IE all the time. IE really enjoys breaking everything. So much so that I considered turning back to Flash. I've managed to IE7&8-proof my website, but please use IE9, or better yet, Chrome or Firefox to view my site with all its css3 drop-shadow goodness! ;)

Here are some of the earlier iterations I started back in December 2010:

I love textured backgrounds but realized what a pain they were. I also decided to change things up a bit and (reluctantly) went for a lighter palette this time around:

Anyway, feedback is most welcome! Feel free to comment here or send me a message on my contact page. :)


Kit said...

So I'm a little behind on checking this but <3 I'm so proud of you!! Your work is awesome :)

Joyce said...

Awww thanks Kit!! :)