Saturday, May 14, 2011

surgical tools revamp

This isn't a exactly top priority project but I figured it'd be nice to have a good render of my old surgical tool models for my new website. :)

surgical tools
Autodesk Maya 2011 + Adobe Photoshop CS4

I was messing around with MIA materials in Maya and this is the best I could come up with for a metal texture (I think I used the copper preset blended with some chrome and satined metal). The cloth texture could use some serious work too (more imperfections and variation, etc.) but as always with these procrastination tools side-projects, it's time to move on for now!

I apologize for not updating my blog - I've been working on a new html/css website that will be launched soon (hopefully)! I plan on adding process for most portfolio pieces, but as I can't write as freely (aka ramble) as I do here, I might still retroactively add things here...


Geoffrey L Cheung said...

OOoh, I like!!!

Albert Fung said...

Really like the little details you put into the models (e.g. the screws at the hinges).

Check this for some more tips on mental ray metal:

Eric-Anthony said...

wow nice renders! maya is sooo hard to use if ur used to 3dsmax :(

Joyce said...

@ Geoff: Thanks xD;;

@ Albert: Sweet! Thanks for the link, I will definitely check it out. :)

@Eric-Anthony: Thank you! Is 3dsmax that different from Maya? Is it the interface or...? :S