Sunday, March 25, 2012


A quick comic I drew for my sister's birthday (she is a huge fan of Doraemon, a robot cat that has all sorts of futuristic gadgets he pulls out of his belly pocket):

My gift to her was a sharkbanana! These charming plushies are sold on, but only ship within the US, so I had a friend bring a bunch of them across the border. :'D

Man, I have been art blocking hard. Will try to draw more soon. :'(


Chanp said...

nice doraemon comic. haha.

that that shark banana is pretty awesome.

Joyce said...

Thanks! xD;;
Sharkbananas are amazing.

a_ndy said...

Shark. Banana? How does one even hear about these things? Haha, I had to stare at the comic for awhile before figuring it out. I think because on the blog "Fusion" is very tiny.

Joyce said...

How does anything get around on the internet? :'D

The comic isn't very well thought out - totally drew it super last minute - so not surprised you had trouble following! lol