Thursday, April 9, 2009

filler WIP!

This CG has taken me quite a while and I'm still not close to completion! It's a commissioned piece, but I had tons of freedom and fun while designing this modern priestess outfit. :)

I will be posting my last life drawing/anatomy pieces soon. Classes have ended and unfortunately, I couldn't enroll in the Spring term. However, this means that I will be focusing my energy into other projects - hopefully more acrylic/watercolour paintings? :D


a_ndy said...

Wow, that's really terrific! I actually think this looks great as is, and I don't think it's going to benefit from the upcoming wings, but since it's a commission maybe that part is non-negotiable.

Joyce said...

Thanks Andrew! :D
Yeahhh, I'm going to try to tone down the wings as much as I can and meld them into the background. :S