Sunday, April 26, 2009

more CG work o:

priestess tinania
SAI 1.01, Photoshop CS2
(commissioned piece - for full credits please see here)

This is what I've been working on for the past month... (okay, okay the truth is, I got addicted to the game Restaurant City on Facebook, which is why it actually took me a month to complete... )

Here is a close-up shot, it's the size I worked at. I rarely work with more than 2-3 layers, but I somehow ended up with 20+ on this one. Believe me, my computer was not happy...

And for those interested, here's the digital sketch I started off with in SAI (the cleaned up version anyway), wonky legs and all. I tweak a lot when I paint digitally!


a_ndy said...

Holy freaking sh*t... I had some doubts about the wings when you posted the WIP, but that turned out astonishingly well. I guess I know why it took so long. And yes, Restaurant City is a productivity killer. Thanks a lot, Joyce. Just kidding. I <3 my restaurant.