Wednesday, April 15, 2009

uglee fish!

Some silly looking fish I never got around to posting. :)

red perch
acrylics on canvas, 8x10"

uglee fish gift tags
colored pencils on bristol board

bakafish (unfinished)
colored pencils on bristol board


a_ndy said...

I've seen these!!! Tufts!

Joyce said...

You have?? Oooh right, I put them on Facebook before, didn't I? xD;;;

patricia said...

You're amazing! Love those fishies. I want a fish card!

And I really miss life drawing...and you! SOB!!

Kit said...

hui! the two pencil crayons make it look like chopsticks picking up the fishy to be eaten :p

Joyce said...

@ Patricia: Thanks!! Awww, life drawing class was definitely a lot less fun/interesting without you around! :(

@ Kit: LOL! Someone eats too much sushi! :P