Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kickin' off the year with Maya...

I must admit, I hit a new low this New Year's Eve. I entered the new year with my favourite gal, Maya... The fruits of my labour:

I have never worked so hard during winter break in my entire life. Last year, my holiday was wrought with gradient mesh, but that seriously pales in comparison to what a holiday with Maya entails lol! Well, we did ask for an extension... /endrant

This model was surprisingly difficult and extremely time consuming (6 days++?! I stopped counting because it got too depressing...). Bones are always a lot harder to model than I think, especially small bones that are rather amorphous (i.e. carpal bones omg).

Anyway I'll wait until the final textured and rigged version to render out the mesh and stuff. I plan on texturing in MudBox or ZBrush (more programs to learn!).


Andreea said...

you should be so proud of yourself! is is amazingly detailed and looks really accurate.

bmc-filled holidays and constant after hours during weekends and weeknights does get really depressing, i'm with you there. but look at how much you've accomplished in a year and a half!

Anonymous said...

so powerful!!!!!!

PowersWithin said...

This looks so beautiful!! O__O
and highly intimidating XD;
It's amazing the amount of details you've put into this, it's really worth all that time spent w/ Maya :D

Albert Fung said...

...Joyce, are you crazy?

That's the whole...friggin...hand!!


Joyce said...

@ Andreea: Thanks! I was pretty proud I got it done by the deadline (Jan 3)! It's true, it's easy to lose sight of how far we've come. Make sure you don't ever forget either. :)

@ Anonymous: Are these hands too BIG? 8D

@ Minyan: Thanks! More time to be spent with Maya-sama...

@ Albert: HAHA yes, yes I am. The sad part is, I think I only need a finger joint for my MRP... maybe I'll change it so you see more of the hand. D: