Thursday, January 20, 2011

Transverse section of the eye

This is my first fully textured Maya model! I actually finished this back in December, but didn't get a chance to blog about it. :)

Still image:transverse section of the eye
Autodesk Maya 2011

Turntable animation (compiled in Adobe After Effects CS5)

Reference image (drawn in Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop CS4):

The most difficult aspect of this model was making the layers fit snugly. Starting with an accurate reference drawing was key. To create the most anatomically accurate eye possible, I followed the steps provided in Basic Anatomy of the Human Eye for Artists by Linda A. Warren (Journal of Biocommunication), an excellent resource that goes in great depth of the measurements of the eye!


Andreea said...

Linda mentioned that article because I chose an eye related neuro topic. I have to start drawing eye balls and midbrains and cranial bases soon...

Lovely model!

Anonymous said...

Hnnngghghhhh this beautyyy

PowersWithin said...

Wow this must've been hard to layer O_O but it worked out awesomely! I really like the little fibres on that.. uh... lens right? (I've forgotten all of my eye anatomy =_=;;). Also the iris texture looks so real! 8D
I'm looking forward to seeing your MRP presentation this Thursday! :D

Joyce said...

@ Andreea: It's a really helpful article, I'm sure Linda or Dave will give you a copy in class. :)
Good luck with neuro!!

@ "Anonymous": I wonder who this is? 8D;;

@ Minyan: Thanks! Oh! I forgot to include this tutorial I followed for this iris painting *adds* Omg... don't...just...don't. LOL