Wednesday, January 5, 2011

paint sketches!

My aunt and uncle bought me a 5x7" Robert Batement sketchbook for Christmas, and they're expecting it to be filled by next Christmas! I decided to get cracking before the start of school. I've taken a real liking to the pen and watercolour combination (or more accurately, water-soluble pencils). I expanded my water-soluble pencil set recently so hopefully I'll have time to do more of these later on!

page 2 (doodled while brewing teas in Professor Layton and Pandora's Box 8D;;)

page 5

sakura microns + steadtler water-soluble pencils

I'm not sure what I'll fill this sketchbook with yet (only 2.5 pages/50 so far!) but I might go with a cute OD theme for the whole thing. :)


Andreea said...


Anonymous said...

cute/OD sounds like a good choice since you can do that quick 8D

PowersWithin said...

Awww that's so cute! It's a really nice effect w/ the watercolour + pencils :D

Joyce said...

Thanks Andreea and Minyan! :)

@ Anon: Hahaha so true. Reminiscent of your sketchbook assignment?