Friday, April 6, 2012

Scrappy paintings

Sometimes I feel like doing art but not drawing... so I've been painting random old doodles in my sketchbook. I should really continue with the Hunger Games art before I go watch the movie tomorrow, but I am avoiding... :'D

boku wa bani ja nai, barnaby desu.
ballpoint pen + watercolours on really crappy Canson paper :'D
curves come when the mind is blank
pilot frixion pen + watercolours

Instagram is on Android now, woo! But weeping because my camera phone is pretty crappy. /abuses and misuses anyway! 8D;;


a_ndy said...

These remind me of Instagram photos. Did you know Facebook just bought that company?

Joyce said...

These are indeed Instagram photos! No, I didn't! I'm not surprised though, considering how popular Instagram is...