Wednesday, August 31, 2011

derpy hands part 1

So I've come to the realization that I draw really atrocious hands. :'D
I've known it subconsciously for a long time, but never had the willpower to really confront it. Going to start trying now! It's going to be an arduous battle ahead...

Took some time to draw from my own hand and 3D models from PoseManiacs as a starting point.

My permanent facial expression while drawing these:

I intend to dedicate some time regularly to practicing hands. I'm pretty embarrassed because after modeling the skeletal hand in Maya and drawing a bunch of hands for my master's research project, I should have good knowledge of the hand structure. Yet it just doesn't really translate in my head.

Any tips for drawing hands would be awesome!


Nicole Grace McLean said...

Hi Joyce! I know what you mean about hands, they are very difficult to draw. If you want my advice, keep them as simple as possible until you feel comfortable with how they look. Once you are happy with them, add all the detail.

Looking at the hands you have done so far, I can see you just pack them full of detail before getting your basic structure down.

Oh ya, one more thing I learned once from my friend Tara. When drawing hands, to avoid weird sausage fingers, always draw one side with straight lines and place the round pillowy parts on the other side. It helps keep the structure clear and strong.

Good luck!

Joyce said...

Thanks for the tips, Nicole! I'll definitely keep those things in mind as I keep practicing! :)

Hmm am I adding a lot of detail? Adding the fingernails and knuckles helps me think about the structure/orientation. o: