Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shark-loving couple!

Finished the new shark card! I must thank the enthusiastic engaged couples who have contacted me about using my shark card for their wedding. This wouldn't exist without their support. :)

I wanted to make it as close to my original shark card as possible (yes, I reused the border and background :'D), but I quickly realized it's hard to draw the same way you did a year ago!

If the text is too small to read in the picture, I am basically allowing couples to use this illustration for free as their wedding card, etc. as long as they show me their commitment to the cause. :)

Terms of use and instructions on how to get the high-res file from me after the jump:

1) Pledge to boycott shark fin soup at your wedding
2) Donate to a recognized charitable organization that aids shark conservation
3) Send me an email at with a donation receipt and how you plan on using this illustration. I'm also open to uses other than as a wedding card, just contact me. :)

Technical specs
- I can send you either a high-resolution print (350 dpi .tif) or web-ready (72 dpi .jpg, w: 1024px) file of this illustration. 
- I work in RGB mode so the reds will be quite a bit duller when you print compared to on screen (sorry!)
- This illustration is sized to fit four postcards on an 8.5x11” sheet, with 0.2" bleed.
- The print version will not have the watermark with my web address, but will have the Illustration © 2011 Joyce Hui in the bottom right corner.

Terms & conditions of use:
1) Copyright: All rights remain with Joyce Hui, the Illustrator.
2) Licensing: The illustration is licensed for one-time, non-commercial use as a printed wedding card only.
3) Modifications: The illustration may not be modified or reused for any other purpose, with the exception of adding text to the blank back side. Please contact me about any other usage.
4) Credits: The Illustrator should be credited as Joyce Hui, where possible.

Adding Text
I recommend you use a design program such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to add text. If you don't have the necessary knowledge or tools, printing places usually offer this service. Please email me if you would like me to add the text and create a print-ready PDF file for you. However, there will be a small fee for this service.

I usually go to local printers for postcards, but I've gotten two of my full colour, double-sided business cards done at Print100 and I was pleased with the quality. Sorry I don't have any other recommendations!

Thanks and enjoy! :)


Anju said...

I love this one... it really gets the message across and the art is lovely! :)

Joyce said...

Thanks, Anju! Always hoping to spread the message one way or another. :)